Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fiji tourism-Wonderful discovery of Gerard Saliot!

Have you ever astonished looking a huge touristy transformation that came to Fiji? You might be wondering how a simple country full of barren lands became a major tourist destination all of a sudden! Friends, in this blog I will be sharing some of the interesting things with you concentrating particularly on the architect of Fijian tourism. Have you ever heard the name called Gerard Saliot? Perhaps not, all right, let me tell you he is the architect of tourism of Fiji.

The contribution of that wonderful person has become fully immortal in the hearts of hundreds of people from around the world. Whatever the things today visitors can enjoy, have all resulted from his selfless efforts. His great character can be seen from the effort put towards developing Natadola marine project with single thing in mind. And that thing is social service in some way as he intended to create that industry that can sustain the livelihood of people especially those natives of Fiji.

Today Louis Gerard Saliot has respect not in the hearts of millions of people both Fijians and outsiders for his exemplary landmark made by creating another paradise for tourists. Fiji became one of major destinations for various kinds of tourisms. People who enjoy exotic holidays and want extra chill out carrying out different adventurous activities may find out a perfect destination. Major attractions today Fiji can afford to visitors include beaches, parks, wonderful natural wonders, villages and of course mouthwatering museums. This wonderful person developed many star categorized hotels and resorts and showed the path to others as well.
So much fame and name he acquired but one pleasant surprise is his down to earth attitude! 

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