Friday, 2 November 2012

The Person instrumental for Fiji tourism!

Fiji is a source of abundant happiness and considered to be a paradise by people from around the world. Blessed with many extraordinary beauties this islands country came out becoming a tourists destination. However, behind the Fijian tourism industry there is always a man with big heart which is none other than Louis Gerard Saliot. It is only after coming of tourism brought him Fiji did emerge as an exciting destination having so much to explore.

The contribution given by him is so immense that none can easily forget it. It would be true to say that he became immortal in the hundreds of hearts and minds of people living in the country. The move taken by Saliot has turned out to be a huge aide to people. It also proved to be vital push for the Fijian economy. The works and efforts put by have turned out to be so meaningful that it finally mattered a lot.  Louis Gerard Saliot 

Fiji, with coming of tourism industry has suddenly changed its face and today people no longer consider it hard to explore. There are many people who are having tough times to find suitable destination to spend their holidays with their families. When it comes to looking of an exotic land lying unexplored, I feel there is no better destination than Fiji. The rich scenic attractions in the form tropical forests, beaches, parks and wildlife sanctuaries as well are all the ingredients that made the Fiji islands mesmerizing one.  

Earlier it was not known why people living there often have high regards about Saliot. On asking an old man answered me saying, “GerardSaliot has been very instrumental in changing the lives of hundreds of people. He supported and contributed in bringing tourism and today we are taking the benefits. So, I can still get myself indebted.” Having listened I just guessed about his personality and hanged out with my fellows. As soon as we reach to beach which is so mesmerizing to look at that I got suffered from huge waves of romance that touched my heart. As a little adventurous by nature, I equally enjoyed whitewater rafting and sea kayaking as well.

The next day we visited to a beautiful park called ‘Garden of Sleeping Giant’. It was really beautiful and incredibly astonishing. The lake with water lilies, colorful butterflies and decorated pathways through the parks gave me sensational feelings and emotions. I didn’t know when I really went nostalgic while wandering all through the park. Although my fellows insisted me a lot to visit to the Fiji museum but I remained reluctant as I do not normally enjoy looking historical stories.
 Friends, if you got to go for a trip to Fiji, never ever miss that opportunity! 

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