Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Things you would enjoy doing in Fiji!

Are you planning to give a surprise gift to your beloved? If yes, what could it be? Wait friends, be innovative this time around! If you know your life partner cannot hide her smile once she is all around of scintillating green scenic wonders, a holiday vacation together in an exotic land of Fiji would be the right gift for her!  If you want to know a little detail why I’m encouraging you to go for Fiji tourism, simply go through this blog.
Fiji is a beautiful country with fascinating wonders endowed by both nature and human beings. It is not longer that it has come out becoming most fascinating destination. There are some of the interesting things you can carry out once you land there. The beauty of the island country is inhibited in every scenic attraction and cultural flavors of people. Most of the international tourists feel fully welcomed visiting to this wonderland. For them it is a newly discovered paradise on earth. They have to give all their credit to wonderful person who has discovered tourism. It was none other than the famous Louis Gerard Saliot.

The significant touristy things they can explore out are some of the mouthwatering things comprising of wonderful landscapes, scenic attractions, scintillating beaches, national parks, deep cultural history and not to forget boat travel. On your first visit you would simply love to see cultural vibrancy of local people. You cannot hide your smile with satisfaction once you get to mingle with Meke, the dance feast that usually welcomes every visitor.

The vibrant color is found scattered in the way costumes are authentically made and worn by local dancers. In addition, they are seen wearing colorful, bright and shining ornaments as well. If you are adventurous by nature you can cherish the "Soft Coral Capital of the World." The presence of large varieties of corals in the islands of Fiji fetched huge reputation and drawing large number of adventurous tourists. They not only experience that mouthwatering experience but also take with them through photographs.  They can see and play with angelfish, butterfly fish, eels, bright fish and pipe fish as well.

Apart from that you can also carry out activities such as kayaking, white water rafting and can cherish every moment of the clean environment in the country. When you talk about sightseeing sites you can visit to famous garden of sleeping giant, Fiji Museum, Bouma National Heritage Park as well as Kula Eco Park. While exploring all these attractions you can actually have some of the most delicious dishes and foods & cuisines as well. Everybody in Fiji used to fondly remember the Gerard Saliot for his selfless contribution towards developing tourism in the country.
If you pick up it as your destination it won’t be wasted of money and time but rather it would prove highly recreational!  

Friday, 26 October 2012

Louis Gerard Saliot-The living legend of Fiji tourism!

Friends, how many times did you visit to Fiji? If not once, find out time from your disposal and get the wonderful glimpse of Fiji tourism. The main brain behind today’s glorious days is the living legend called Louis Gerard Saliot. He is the CEO of Euro Asia Hotel Contract having wonderful personality and humanity. He is the person who is a great motivational source for everyone. Whatever people love to visit today are only owing to him and his selfless efforts. It is not long that a huge phenomenal change has come up to this islands nation.

Emerged as an exciting destination for every kind of tourists such as cultural tourists, educational, recreational, and adventurous and more importantly business persons, it has been providing greater relief to hundreds of people from across the world.  This destination got to see the light today only because of legendary work carried out by the man with golden heart. As long as tourism continues to grow the name of Gerard Saliot would always be discussed of, such is the reputation he had earned.

He actually not only developed tourism in the country but in fact, provided a huge source of income and employment to hundreds of people. Earlier how undeveloped the country was in terms of people living idly with no proper works to lead meaningful lives; but with developing tourism many organizations or corporate people have started venturing taking initiatives in the form of bringing star categorized hotels and resorts in the country. The free flow of tourists visiting from several countries has provided new insight, understanding and of course the important livelihoods to them.

People have found jobs in those resorts and hotels and leading their lives in a different way altogether. Tourism is industry if properly developed can fetch huge returns. This industry has been contributing significantly to the economy of Fiji. Visiting to that country is only the way to feel its rich cultural wonders accompanied by scenic wonders in the form of pristine beaches, green forest covered hills and villages.
Apart from that one can also willingly carry out various recreational activities; the most common ones include kayaking, canoeing, paragliding and white water river rafting. The main brain behind today’s glorious days is the living legend called Louis Gerard Saliot. There are also museums where one can find rich history preserved. So many things are there in this island country to explore that one can consider it as touristy heaven on earth! 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Fiji-A romantic getaway for honeymooners!

Are you in search of a perfect romantic getaway with your newlywed beloved? If it is the case you won’t be surprised to find Fiji perfectly catering all your needs! It is commonly found people who have explored Fiji became unable to forget what they experienced at this wonderful destination. It’s not a long time this country of islands situated at South Pacific region has shot to huge touristy fame and reputation. Among various travel destinations, one can find easily the mention of Fiji as top chosen regions for tourists.

When it comes to enjoying under the ambience full of romance, make sure you give it a good shot. If you take this island country you would end up giving pleasant smiles packed with satisfying happiness to your beloved. It is truly mesmerizing and on your first visit definitely your dear one would love to say it as paradise. Simply imagine you walking past through sandy beaches holding your hands together. All the romantic warmth being poured from gorgeous waterfalls, green forest covered hills and of course the colorful coral lagoons.

The presence of all these wonders gifted by nature has become a great source of intimacy for most of the couples visiting there. So much is there to explore, you have to take out ample of time out of your tight schedule in order to fully count your blessings by nature. These are the major Fiji tourist interests that make most of the visits of couple, family vacationers or honeymooners quite special. Apart from those mouthwatering scenic attractions one can also explore scintillating cultural beauties inhibited in every aspect of life enjoyed by people residing there.

Fiji can provide everything required to every kind of travelers. Adventurists, historians, cultural tourists, family vacationers, honeymooners or even business persons all can have their own claims. In nutshell, one can say Fiji is a region for all visiting from different parts of the world for different purposes. Even a single visit a museum is enough to taste cultural and historical flavors of the country. Those adventurists can find solace in getting engaged in numerous recreational activities such as river rafting, snorkeling, mountaineering, canoeing and kayaking as well.

Tourists looking to have exotic experience can visit to a village that has gained huge popularity for providing certain enjoyable experiences to visitors through unique designs used building houses.  Once you feel of having explored everything, think twice; may be you are getting back without enjoying different varieties of foods and dishes. With coming of numerous hotels and resorts possessed by corporate bodies from different parts of the world one can expect to get one’s national food cuisines everywhere.

There are also numerous markets where you can shop to your heart. Among some of the amazing products you would love to bring any handicraft as a symbol of souvenir back to your country. The deep beauty comprised of efforts put by people especially the Fijian Government and LouisGerard Saliot as well as natural wonders already in existence has worked wonders for bringing tourism in the country. To know more about Gerard saliot visit

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A man who is inseparable with Fiji tourism

Are you willing to have a great vacation in one of the exotic destinations of the world? If it is true, why not plan to give your beloved a pleasant surprise in the form of a holiday gift! Friends, if it is the case, definitely I do not have any kind of hesitation to tell you about Fiji tourism. How many of you have ever heard about the great personality of Louis Gerard Saliot? If you don’t at all, it means you do not have sound knowledge about actual background of Fiji tourism!

Fiji has become one of the major destinations attracting thousands of tourists from every corner of the world. This island wonderland comprised of every sort of touristy flavors such as pristine sands, beaches, green hills, parks and rivers. Apart from these natural attractions one can also enjoy mouthwatering cultures richly filled with local flavors in the form of histories, traditions, and many more rituals as well. All these have long been lying hidden and unnoticed from international tourists or visitors. Nobody ever thought that Fiji could be such a scintillating destination so fast! But before making any remark, the international tourists association should give a grand salute to a man behind this wonderful destination.

It was none other than Louis Gerard Saliot who never seemed to be under his ego but played a crucial role in shaping Fiji into an international world class paradise for tourists from everywhere. It was his effort that could fetch some of kind of livelihood to hundreds of people. In fact, tourism industry is such an industry that when well developed and cared, it creates more potential opportunities providing employment alternatives to each one of the people in general.

When one talks about Fiji tourism, there is no getting away from mentioning the name of a person whose name has emerged to a huge fame. Throwing some lights to some of the mouthwatering attractions one can visit on landing in Fiji are all comprised of the following attractions given below. Starting the attractions, we can say at this wonderland one can willingly have great vacation time spending nights at resorts nearby to beaches. Apart from enjoying a beach walk, one can also take out pleasure from numerous adventurous activities such as Kayaking, boat cruising and snorkeling etc. Coming out of his world, Gerard Saliot had all stepped out to provide something to humanity which says volume about his character.

Once you are all done with these mouthwatering touristy activities, you can explore museums, national parks followed by villages. When it comes to having foods and cuisines, there is no shortage of foods and dishes. This Fiji is not for only people residing there; it is f or every international tourist who can easily avail the kind of food, it is sought. To make the stay of visitors more enjoyable, several kinds of hotels and resorts having different price ranges are available. All in all this destination is truly and pristinely a paradise for everyone.
Therefore, guys, if you are planning to visit in your coming holidays there should be no hesitation in your minds!