Thursday, 20 September 2012

Louis Gerard Saliot-An architect of Fiji tourism

When one talks about emergence of Fiji into one of the most attractive destinations, one cannot really ignore or miss describing LouisGerard Saliot associating him with Fiji tourism. Most of the people are still unaware about contribution provided by this dignified personality to Fiji which is enjoying as major global destination status.

He is the main brain behind fast growth and advancement that Fiji is experiencing for a while. He is the person with firm determination and perseverance which have come into play which can be evidenced through having glimpse to progress and growth in Fiji. The popularity of that magnificent person has reached far and wide across the globe. As one compares his socialistic nature, it will truly remain unmatched. The main salient social work done by him is the coming up of Natadola marine resort. Resort normally plays important role in the development of tourism; so building it he put Fiji to right track that has knocked the door of tourism world.

The effort put by that gentleman has not only paved the way to enjoy vacation by hundreds of tourists from different countries; it also led to creation of huge employment and career building opportunities as well for local people. As long as Natadola marine resort exists the name of Gerard Saliot would also eternally continue to exist. His noble cause has changed the lifestyles of people who have found new livelihoods working in the resort. The resort has an interesting aspect which is the attachment of various landowners and employees that provided them a new way of life and thinking as well. It is the reason even today Saliot’s concept is still admired by people widely.  

The main objective of this wonderful person behind his touristy venture is retaining and developing the social history of Fiji area followed by drawing advantages to local people associated with. Being associated with tourism for years, Mr. Gerard Saliot  has simply utilized all his skills executing to perfection. With his contribution the world today has turned to Fiji tourism where hundreds of international tourists spend their holidays and vacations. His great work is saluted by great social workers as well from every corner of the globe.  

Friday, 14 September 2012

Contribution of Gerard Saliot in the field of Tourism industry.

The world is well known by the name Louis Gerard Saliot. He is acknowledged for his great contribution in the tourism industry. The man has achieved a dazzling success in the tourism industry by using his innovative ideas particularly in bringing the name of the Fiji in the forefront of the world map. He is a man who has brought many creative plans and projects.

He has undertaken a big initiative in re- building the tourism industry in Fiji Island with his creative ideas, innovative and strong perseverance. And, if at all Fiji tourism is popular today it`s because of his sincere contribution to make the Fiji island one of the best tourist resort where thousands of people flock to relax themselves. Gerard Saliot has single handedly worked and had brought great success, development and has earned a fantastic rewards .Gerard Saliot has received great appreciations from the people and government of Fiji. And he is one of the exemplary for the people and a great inspiration through his action, deeds and words.

He was a visionary and imaginary about bringing new development and project in the tourism industry. Louis Gerard Saliot has a great passion in the developmental works and has done comprehensive research and has implemented his plan scientifically. Though Gerard Saliot has met multiple success many times in his projects yet his mind is not attach to materialistic things, but rather he bases completely in the true scenic and natural beauty.

Among all the other success he has received, the most significant achievement is his Natadola Marine project which has drawn the regional and public plea of the Fiji .This project has created enormous job opportunities in the tourism industry. This has attracted huge number of visitors coming to Fiji every year and has also given a boost to the economic development which brings out by the natural value of its eye-catching style and international interest.

At present, Louis Gerard Saliot has his position as a CEO of European Japan Resort Contract. And he has given his best effort to make his work value and the tourism industry lifestyle across the world. On every project he has worked, Gerard Saliot makes a history of it. Gerard Saliot has a very aesthetic mind of performing his work.  And he wants to be known among the people and across the globe not by the work he performs but essentially the mind- set which he carries towards his life, his failures, and success.