Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Fiji tourism-Wonderful discovery of Gerard Saliot!

Have you ever astonished looking a huge touristy transformation that came to Fiji? You might be wondering how a simple country full of barren lands became a major tourist destination all of a sudden! Friends, in this blog I will be sharing some of the interesting things with you concentrating particularly on the architect of Fijian tourism. Have you ever heard the name called Gerard Saliot? Perhaps not, all right, let me tell you he is the architect of tourism of Fiji.

The contribution of that wonderful person has become fully immortal in the hearts of hundreds of people from around the world. Whatever the things today visitors can enjoy, have all resulted from his selfless efforts. His great character can be seen from the effort put towards developing Natadola marine project with single thing in mind. And that thing is social service in some way as he intended to create that industry that can sustain the livelihood of people especially those natives of Fiji.

Today Louis Gerard Saliot has respect not in the hearts of millions of people both Fijians and outsiders for his exemplary landmark made by creating another paradise for tourists. Fiji became one of major destinations for various kinds of tourisms. People who enjoy exotic holidays and want extra chill out carrying out different adventurous activities may find out a perfect destination. Major attractions today Fiji can afford to visitors include beaches, parks, wonderful natural wonders, villages and of course mouthwatering museums. This wonderful person developed many star categorized hotels and resorts and showed the path to others as well.
So much fame and name he acquired but one pleasant surprise is his down to earth attitude! 

Friday, 16 November 2012

The history created by Gerard Saliot!

How longer can you hold of your resistance to see an amazing world waiting to be explored? Since every tourist traveling to Fiji definitely might have heard about the great personality in the form of LouisGerard Saliot.

 He is considered to be the architect of Fijian tourism as everybody be it travelers or people living in Fiji have their own credit to give him for his selfless contribution in the development of tourism industry. It was his effort that actually resulted in the overall development of tourism accompanied by opportunity for people to have their own sources of livelihood. For instance, there are several companies even the restaurants and hotels where hundreds of people are fully engaged in various economic activities.

These days with the contribution of GerardSaliot Fiji has come out to be one of the today’s major world class destinations. In Fiji he is not lesser than a dignitary or celebrity.  These days several transformations have come up in Fiji because as several hotels and resorts have come up followed by development of many sightseeing attractions. This has become a destination for everyone; for those who enjoy exploring the cultural and historical aspects of the Fijians would find it quite fulfilling. Apart from that those having deep passion to carry out different recreational and adventurous activities would like to enjoy certain activities such as kayaking, river rafting, etc.

Those who are foodie may find Fiji as their own paradise because of the availability of large varieties foods items available. Apart from that there are also different things to explore that are very enjoyable for every first time visitor!   

Friday, 9 November 2012

The tempting attractions of Fiji!

Are you planning to have an exotic holiday getaway to the land where you have never been? If yes, it would serve you as a special gift to your partner if you take Fiji as your traveling destination. When one talks about tourism in Fiji, there is no way one can forget Louis GerardSaliot. He has been quite instrumental in shaping up the tourism industry.

Today most of the people used to visit to this wonderland during vacation with their families. The country is richly occupied by different natural tourism flavors in the form of beaches, forests, hills, parks coupled with rich histories and cultures as well. The major eye catching wonders one can have visiting to this magnificent wonderland are the Mamanuca Islands locating at the off coast of Nadi. The mouthwatering activities one would avail are snorkeling, dolphin watching, kayaking line fishing etc.  

Other scenic attractions include the sightseeing of beach of Natadola locating at Coral Coast having pristine white sands. This is truly a heavenly spot for vacationers and picnickers. If you are a family person you can take a ride of train on the coral railway with your beloved ones thus stopping at Muka Caves.

Having explored all these beautiful things you can relax at any of the resorts that are widely found scattered nearby the beaches. There are also numerous hotels and restaurants where you can have great evening dinner with your dear ones. People who are directly or indirectly associated with hotel industry in the country must give their credits to the famous personality in the form of Gerard Saliot for his transforming determination and dedication shown to people not only from Fiji but to the entire world.

Being entrepreneur Saliot wanted not of personal business benefits but looking the possible potential of tourism industry and the lifestyles adopted by people, he was more interested in shaping the lives of the natives. If friends, any of you wants to visit you can do so as there are many tour packages available!  

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Reason why Gerard Saliot is associated with Fiji tourism!

 You might have often heard people particularly those staying in Fiji talking about Gerard Saliot every time they discuss development of tourism. If you do not about him, then friends you won’t be surprised in case I tell you something amazing about this wonderful charismatic person. In this blog I would like to discuss why he is popular and found in everyone’s heart of Fijians.
 If we have a firm belief that it is all one’s determination that becomes the stepping stone for achieving success, we must strengthen our self belief on it. It is because when it comes to probing it, we more have vivid evidence in the form of LouisGerard Saliot. He is the person who has ended up proving that belief.  He is the person who has shot to huge fame and popularity in the entire world. That popularity and familiarity have come at the backdrop of two important tourism project firms he carried out in Fiji.

His contribution has not simply confined to developing tourism industry in Fiji but it can be seen more in how he could able to sustain the lives of hundreds of people. With coming of tourism industry in Fiji there has been a huge transformation in terms of lifestyles, attitudes and perceptions as well. Tourism has developed so tremendously and fast that it caught the imagination of people from around the world. Today one can find Fiji in the list of top global tourism destinations that has been the outcome of fast tourism development of country.  

Most of the people like you are still unaware about the fact how this man of big heart has been quite instrumental in shaping up Fiji as highly reputed tourist hotspot. Talking about major highlights of good work carried out by Gerard Saliot, one would find his high and huge contribution to the development of Natadola Marine project. It was built over the land that had been lying barren and unproductive for a long period of time. However, after his contribution several resorts and hotels have emerged where hundreds of people have found their livelihoods.

With passage of time the tourism industry simply went flourishing and there is no looking back. Several new sightseeing sites have cropped up. The presence of several natural endowments in the form of beaches, rivers, hills and enchanting village comprised of traditional houses have all significantly contributed towards development of tourism industry.

Friends, if you really want to have a glimpse of these wonderful things, you can find some of the beautiful tour packages that are sold at cost effective prizes availed by different travel companies.  

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Person instrumental for Fiji tourism!

Fiji is a source of abundant happiness and considered to be a paradise by people from around the world. Blessed with many extraordinary beauties this islands country came out becoming a tourists destination. However, behind the Fijian tourism industry there is always a man with big heart which is none other than Louis Gerard Saliot. It is only after coming of tourism brought him Fiji did emerge as an exciting destination having so much to explore.

The contribution given by him is so immense that none can easily forget it. It would be true to say that he became immortal in the hundreds of hearts and minds of people living in the country. The move taken by Saliot has turned out to be a huge aide to people. It also proved to be vital push for the Fijian economy. The works and efforts put by have turned out to be so meaningful that it finally mattered a lot.  Louis Gerard Saliot 

Fiji, with coming of tourism industry has suddenly changed its face and today people no longer consider it hard to explore. There are many people who are having tough times to find suitable destination to spend their holidays with their families. When it comes to looking of an exotic land lying unexplored, I feel there is no better destination than Fiji. The rich scenic attractions in the form tropical forests, beaches, parks and wildlife sanctuaries as well are all the ingredients that made the Fiji islands mesmerizing one.  

Earlier it was not known why people living there often have high regards about Saliot. On asking an old man answered me saying, “GerardSaliot has been very instrumental in changing the lives of hundreds of people. He supported and contributed in bringing tourism and today we are taking the benefits. So, I can still get myself indebted.” Having listened I just guessed about his personality and hanged out with my fellows. As soon as we reach to beach which is so mesmerizing to look at that I got suffered from huge waves of romance that touched my heart. As a little adventurous by nature, I equally enjoyed whitewater rafting and sea kayaking as well.

The next day we visited to a beautiful park called ‘Garden of Sleeping Giant’. It was really beautiful and incredibly astonishing. The lake with water lilies, colorful butterflies and decorated pathways through the parks gave me sensational feelings and emotions. I didn’t know when I really went nostalgic while wandering all through the park. Although my fellows insisted me a lot to visit to the Fiji museum but I remained reluctant as I do not normally enjoy looking historical stories.
 Friends, if you got to go for a trip to Fiji, never ever miss that opportunity!