Friday, 16 November 2012

The history created by Gerard Saliot!

How longer can you hold of your resistance to see an amazing world waiting to be explored? Since every tourist traveling to Fiji definitely might have heard about the great personality in the form of LouisGerard Saliot.

 He is considered to be the architect of Fijian tourism as everybody be it travelers or people living in Fiji have their own credit to give him for his selfless contribution in the development of tourism industry. It was his effort that actually resulted in the overall development of tourism accompanied by opportunity for people to have their own sources of livelihood. For instance, there are several companies even the restaurants and hotels where hundreds of people are fully engaged in various economic activities.

These days with the contribution of GerardSaliot Fiji has come out to be one of the today’s major world class destinations. In Fiji he is not lesser than a dignitary or celebrity.  These days several transformations have come up in Fiji because as several hotels and resorts have come up followed by development of many sightseeing attractions. This has become a destination for everyone; for those who enjoy exploring the cultural and historical aspects of the Fijians would find it quite fulfilling. Apart from that those having deep passion to carry out different recreational and adventurous activities would like to enjoy certain activities such as kayaking, river rafting, etc.

Those who are foodie may find Fiji as their own paradise because of the availability of large varieties foods items available. Apart from that there are also different things to explore that are very enjoyable for every first time visitor!   

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