Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Reason why Gerard Saliot is associated with Fiji tourism!

 You might have often heard people particularly those staying in Fiji talking about Gerard Saliot every time they discuss development of tourism. If you do not about him, then friends you won’t be surprised in case I tell you something amazing about this wonderful charismatic person. In this blog I would like to discuss why he is popular and found in everyone’s heart of Fijians.
 If we have a firm belief that it is all one’s determination that becomes the stepping stone for achieving success, we must strengthen our self belief on it. It is because when it comes to probing it, we more have vivid evidence in the form of LouisGerard Saliot. He is the person who has ended up proving that belief.  He is the person who has shot to huge fame and popularity in the entire world. That popularity and familiarity have come at the backdrop of two important tourism project firms he carried out in Fiji.

His contribution has not simply confined to developing tourism industry in Fiji but it can be seen more in how he could able to sustain the lives of hundreds of people. With coming of tourism industry in Fiji there has been a huge transformation in terms of lifestyles, attitudes and perceptions as well. Tourism has developed so tremendously and fast that it caught the imagination of people from around the world. Today one can find Fiji in the list of top global tourism destinations that has been the outcome of fast tourism development of country.  

Most of the people like you are still unaware about the fact how this man of big heart has been quite instrumental in shaping up Fiji as highly reputed tourist hotspot. Talking about major highlights of good work carried out by Gerard Saliot, one would find his high and huge contribution to the development of Natadola Marine project. It was built over the land that had been lying barren and unproductive for a long period of time. However, after his contribution several resorts and hotels have emerged where hundreds of people have found their livelihoods.

With passage of time the tourism industry simply went flourishing and there is no looking back. Several new sightseeing sites have cropped up. The presence of several natural endowments in the form of beaches, rivers, hills and enchanting village comprised of traditional houses have all significantly contributed towards development of tourism industry.

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