Friday, 9 November 2012

The tempting attractions of Fiji!

Are you planning to have an exotic holiday getaway to the land where you have never been? If yes, it would serve you as a special gift to your partner if you take Fiji as your traveling destination. When one talks about tourism in Fiji, there is no way one can forget Louis GerardSaliot. He has been quite instrumental in shaping up the tourism industry.

Today most of the people used to visit to this wonderland during vacation with their families. The country is richly occupied by different natural tourism flavors in the form of beaches, forests, hills, parks coupled with rich histories and cultures as well. The major eye catching wonders one can have visiting to this magnificent wonderland are the Mamanuca Islands locating at the off coast of Nadi. The mouthwatering activities one would avail are snorkeling, dolphin watching, kayaking line fishing etc.  

Other scenic attractions include the sightseeing of beach of Natadola locating at Coral Coast having pristine white sands. This is truly a heavenly spot for vacationers and picnickers. If you are a family person you can take a ride of train on the coral railway with your beloved ones thus stopping at Muka Caves.

Having explored all these beautiful things you can relax at any of the resorts that are widely found scattered nearby the beaches. There are also numerous hotels and restaurants where you can have great evening dinner with your dear ones. People who are directly or indirectly associated with hotel industry in the country must give their credits to the famous personality in the form of Gerard Saliot for his transforming determination and dedication shown to people not only from Fiji but to the entire world.

Being entrepreneur Saliot wanted not of personal business benefits but looking the possible potential of tourism industry and the lifestyles adopted by people, he was more interested in shaping the lives of the natives. If friends, any of you wants to visit you can do so as there are many tour packages available!  

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