Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Why Gerard Saliot is important for Fiji tourism?

Did you become curious to know who the Gerard Saliot is when you heard people talking about him? I’m very much sure hundreds of tourists visiting to Fiji for tourism might have heard his name. Most of you who are not at all aware how important that person when it comes to tourism of Fiji, would surprise. Friends, if you are at all interested to know about him, then of course this blog is the right portal for you to acquire certain sort of insight about his personality and contribution towards Fiji tourism!

 When people usually discuss about tourism in Fiji Gerard Saliot becomes the subject of discussion in a major way. His social attitude and down to earth personality has earned him reputation in worldwide and he is always remembered with great respect for his selfless contribution towards tourism development in this beautiful country. In fact, it was his Natadola marine project that brought significant amount of fame and popularity to him. His project later proved immense help for those residing in Fiji in terms of availing them employment opportunities. Earlier prior to his contribution to tourism Fiji was considered only a simple country with of course certain geographical features but packaging all these wonders into tourist interests and attractions is all his contribution in a substantial way.

Within the passage of few years the facet of Fiji has fully changed; it also transformed the mindsets of people in general. Today the contribution of Louis Gerard Saliot bore fruits in the form of recognition achieved by Fiji as one of the major scintillating destinations for tourists visiting from different parts of the world.
This country has become highly accessible and friendly for every kind of tourists. So friends if you are also planning to spend your exotic holidays to spend in exotic land, I feel there is no better destination than Fiji!

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