Saturday, 2 February 2013

The landmark made in Fiji tourism by Gerard Saliot!

Have you ever heard about the name called ‘Gerard Saliot’? Definitely, but you might be wondering why most of the people in Fiji know him. Well friends in this blog I would like to highlight some of the main reasons why he is so famed and popular and dominating the hearts of hundreds of people in Fiji. Louis Gerard Saliot has an amazing personality with strong social, moral and unique character; whatever tourism came over there in Fiji is all the outcome of productive effort put and invested by this great personality.

 Talking about his contribution it was the Natadola project that brought huge fame and popularity. Once visiting to Fiji he came to know how rich the Island country is fully equipped with scenic wonders. An idea had struck him that if these wonders are shaped up into tourism products the country would have immense benefits and especially people that are finding hard to find suitable employment would at least have new source of income for their livelihoods. After his initiative several chains of hotels have come up in the country and made a new opening for numerous corporate hotels and resorts. Today people of Fiji consider him as their role model having deep down in his heart of feeling relating to social development and welfare. Gerard Saliot established tourism has been attracting thousands of visitors from around the world and one can surprisingly say about sudden emergence of Fiji into world class tourism destinations.

These days tourism is flourishing in the country with many beautiful places to explore comprising of scenic attractions such as beaches, mountain and hills, gardens, fields and of course vibrant cultures and histories of people residing there. So, there is no way you can ignore visiting there during your forthcoming holidays! 

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