Thursday, 24 January 2013

Why Gerard Saliot is regarded as architect of Fiji Tourism?

Have you ever heard about Gerard Saliot? Really perhaps, during your visit to Fiji! Well friends, in this blog let’s discuss simply over Louis Gerard Saliot and how he has been instrumental over the years in shaping up tourism industry in Fiji. Tourism industry usually revolved round Louis Gerard Saliot.

He is a man of great personality and it can be evidenced from the fact that he has contributed towards tourism development in Fiji. He knew such kind of industry would bring a huge change not only in terms of scenic attractions but also in attitudes and lifestyles adopted by Fijians. He actually wanted to do something for betterment of people. It is the reason he has had first initiative by constructing many more hotels and had also put local people in the job positions. Coming up of tourism industry in Fiji has not only helped people in generating their livelihood but also led to the formation of an international image as major tourist destination. These days most of the people frequent to enjoy their trips in Fiji and enjoy major attractions available there.

The country is already full of touristy wonders that have all been there but since coming of Gerard Saliot those wonders got artificially shaped up into more attractive thus, pulling hundreds of inflow of tourists. Now one can enjoy wonderful trips exploring beautiful gardens, museums, waterfalls, river cruises, hiking through hilly areas etc. The best thing one cannot ignore is shopping and enjoying multi-cuisines provided by some of major restaurants and hotels. Earlier people did not know the Saliot but after the Natadola marine project things have started getting famed about him. His personality is comprised of many things such as motivational quality, determination, efficiency in works etc. which have all contributed to his success in shaping up the tourism.

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